Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Barger ~ And Then There Were Three

As a woman, you can dream about starting a family of your own and anticipate the joy and excitement of having a new life growing within you.  However, sometimes, the reality of that experience can be overwhelming and challenging; especially when its marked by months of extreme nausea, sickness and discomfort.  In the light of 5+ months, it may not seem like a long time.  But when you break that down into days and hours, when you're sick, it can seem like an eternity.  You can only pray that the worst will be over and you can't bring that sweet life into the world soon enough.  

But once that miraculous life is in your arms, you know it was worth every single struggle and discomfort.  And when you hold that precious gift in your arms and you know what a blessing you've been entrusted with, you're emotionally overwhelmed.  And a priceless moment that brought this photographer to tears happens.  
Butch and Tara, I am beyond thankful and blessed to have captured sweet Luke's newborn session.  He is blessed to have such a wonderful mommy and daddy to love him and steward his precious life well!

There are so many more from this session to share with you but I have to wait until after Christmas.  :op  Until then, I introduce to you, Mr. Luke Barger and his sweet family!

(click image for larger view)   

*I melted over this one!!*

*He grinned and we all melted!*

*There's nothing like a father and his son.*


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