Friday, October 25, 2013

Taylor ~ Senior

I did some headshots of this gorgeous girl a couple of years ago for a school pageant she was in.  I was thrilled that her mom contacted me to do her senior portrait this year.  I cannot get over how much I LOVE this session!!!  The lighting was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. and my subject stunning!!  I had a difficult time choosing the sneak peek images to share so I got a little carried away.  :o)

Sarah will be attending Troy University next year to become a nurse.  She has big dreams and I wish her all the best as she pursues each and every one of them!


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Hayes Family

In 7 years we had spent more time with each other than we spent with our own families.  Eight hours a day.  Five days a week.  We were co-workers in a fileroom at an insurance company.  When they needed to hire a new girl in the fileroom as a back-up switchboard operator, I remember praying, specifically, for God to send the perfect girl and that she would be a Christian.  You have no idea how many girls we could go through that wouldn't have a great work ethic or wouldn't stir up drama in a room full of guys.  Well....maybe you can imagine.  The very next day, after praying that prayer, this cute little girl with a great personality shows up.  She's eager to learn, teachable and very friendly.  I had no idea that my simple little prayer would be a prayer that God would answer in such an incredible way.  But, as always, I love that my God does "exceedingly and abundantly above all I could think or ask".  

She's walked with me through some of my darkest days.  She's prayed for me.  Been a shoulder to cry on.  She listened to me even when she had no answers for my questions.  She has been one of my biggest cheerleaders and encouragers.  God changed my life when He brought her into mine.  I'm so thankful He knew I needed her.  

I was there to hear her romantic engagement story.  I listened, in amazement, as they sang to each other during their wedding ceremony.  I cried tears of excitement when she shared the news of expecting her first baby.  I cried and prayed with her as her firstborn underwent open heart surgery at just 4 weeks of age.  I praised God with her when he was declared completely healthy.  I was thrilled and shocked all at the same time when she told me she was pregnant again.  I loved on that second sweet baby boy she was blessed with.  I took some wedding portraits of them after their wedding when I was just beginning this photography journey and I've been photographing their family ever since.  I love that I've been a witness to their love and that I've been able to watch God bless them in so many ways.  Little Malin is now 4 years old and cutie pie Hudson just turned 2.  I always love spending time with them and was so glad we worked this fun family session in!! know I love you to the moon and back!  I am so blessed to call you my best friend!  Thank you for loving me through all these crazy seasons we've had together.  :o)


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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Smith ~ A Senior Session

I LOVE Seniors!  There is just something about a high school senior that always excites me.  Maybe its the endless possibilities of what their future can hold and how they seem perched on the fence of adolescence and adulthood.  Destiny awaiting them.  So much promise ahead of them.  New chapters to write and a new life to begin.  What's not to get excited about?!  That's why I love them!

So, this handsome young guy is Nick.  I photographed his older brother, Scotty and was thrilled that his mom contacted me again for Nick's session.  I had a lot of fun with them and I am excited to post their sneak peek tonight!  

Until next time!


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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Guinn Family

I love, love, love this family!!  It's been such a joy to watch their family grow from two precious girls to three and then to watch each of those girls grow.  That's why I love what I get to do!  I always have so much fun with this family and adore the images I capture of the love they have for each other.  It makes my heart so full. 

This session rounded out Collins' baby plan and its so hard to believe she's already 1 year old.  She was a little surprise but I love that God had a very special plan and we are all so thankful that she has graced this world with her beautiful smile and sweet presence.  Collins, you are so very loved!!

Enjoy their sneak peek.  *You can click on the image for a larger view and simply click each image to advance to the next one.*

(I don't know if I could love this image of all 3 girls any more than I do!! )

(These parasol pictures are some of my new favorites!!  *squeal*)