Friday, September 20, 2013

Mitchell Family

I did a little mini session for this family 2 years ago and absolutely adored their precious kiddos. Brayley has a sweet little shy personality but I can bet you she's full of spunk at home. ;op  Carter is such a little handsome and lovable!  I love doing family sessions that you can just sense the love they have for each other and you can imagine how much fun they have together.  This is one of those families.  So, so precious and sweet.  I absolutely adore the moments I captured with them.  I hope you do too!  

(this is a new favorite of mine <3 p="">
(sweet moments!)

(He loves his daddy!)

(I love Daddy's girls!! I have one myself and it melts my heart to see how she adores her daddy.)

(I hope I can have a picture of Ava and Pierce that looks like this!! Love!)

(Look at this C.U.T.I.E.P.I.E.!!)

(Such a beautiful family!)


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