Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rewis Family

I want this blog to become a place where I share the happenings of my life.  My life includes my faith, my family, my hobbies and interests and my photography.  All the things I LOVE.

I haven't been systematic with my blogging and you'll find several HUGE time gaps between a recent post and my last one but I'm planning to make every effort I possibly can and which time allows, to have more frequent blog posts from this point forward.  I'm looking forward to showcasing some of my amazing clients all while sharing the bits and pieces of my daily life that I think you might actually find interesting or entertaining.  :o) 

I could go on and on and on and on and on (and I think you get the point *wink*) about this family session and how much I absolutely A.D.O.R.E. their session.  I, seriously, had such a difficult time narrowing them down to what images they would receive and then an even more difficult time trying to choose which ones to share for their sneak peek.  Their house was AAHHHMAAZING with some sweet, delicious lighting that would make any photographer swoon.  I could have spent the entire day shooting there but I had my own little ones to get back to. ;op  

The Rewis family welcomed a sweet, brand new baby boy to their family of three just a couple of weeks ago and I was so thrilled they chose me to document this precious new season in their lives.  Big sister absolutely adores her new baby brother and was quick to smother him with kisses every chance she got (much like my own Ava smothers her baby brother with kisses too)!  This is such a beautiful family and I look forward to watching Miss O and baby K grow during this next year.  



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