Saturday, November 16, 2013

Lacey + Laura + Ava +Pierce

My gorgeous niece, Lacey, asked if I could take some pictures of her for her 8th grade year.  I happily agreed and this turned into a fun session with her, her best friend and I threw Ava and Pierce in the mix too.  I felt like I killed 3 birds with one stone that day.  Yeah baby.  That's how I like to roll.  Ha.  If only I could feel so productive the other 6 days of the week.  ;op  

Lacey - you are beautiful and I am so thankful God chose this family to place you in.  I love your heart, your compassion, even your blonde moments....they keep us laughing.  A LOT.  ;op  I pray you always see the good in yourself and others.  Pursue the heart of God and chase His plans for your life no matter what.  We love you!  

Laura - You are sweet and I am so thankful that you are Lacey's best friend.  It's a joy to know you and to know that my niece has such a sweet friend in you.  I hope you enjoy your pictures!  :o)

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